Surf Life Saving South Australia currently has 20 clubs with a total membership in excess of 9000, which continues to grow each year. In order to keep our clubs and members motivated and to ensure the future viability of the organisation, it is important that we provide opportunities to develop their skills and abilities, and that clubs pursue development opportunities that are made available by Government and other sources. 

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A number of websites provide documents, resources and online tools to assist clubs: 



Surf Life Saving Australia

National Leadership College (20 - 30 year olds)

The National Leadership College is the accumulation of year on year development of the nationally delivered leadership program.The college philosophy is 'interactive shared learning' and relates SLSA's leadership competencies to grass roots surf life saving. This is achieved through key note speakers and a focus on facilitator lead workshops.

The college assumes participants come into it with some previous exposure to leadership training, preferably from within the surf life saving leadership pathway, but it could also come from their careers outside of surf. Potential participants can come from a range of different backgrounds, interests and areas of focus within the club environment - although it is preferable that they have been involved in previous state leadership training. These future leaders are most likely patrol captains, chief instructors, club captains, age managers etc.

SLSA Leaders Masterclass

The aim of the SLSA Leaders' Masterclass (formerly SLSA Leaders' Conference) is to provide an opportunity for existing leaders within SLSA (at all levels) to participate in a high-level leadership development program. The target audience for this masterclass includes committee members i.e. President, Deputy President, Lifesaving, Surf Sports and Junior/Youth roles. They should aspire to club/branch/state leadership roles into the future (next 3 years). The conference will provide participants with an environment that will enable them to refresh and extend their leadership capabilities.

SLSA Leadership Network

The leadership Network is a new concept to SLSA. It has been developed to provide an ongoing support network for those members who participate in national leadership programs such as the Leaders Conference, Sir Adrian Curlewis Scholarship and National Leadership College.

The Leadership Network works like an alumni, where members can share experiences, knowledge and ideas in a likeminded environment. The network will be chiefly an e-forum and e-newsletter that communicates the latest thinking in areas of leadership, management and areas directly related to surf life saving. If you have previously been a part of a SLSA leadership program and would like to join the alumni and network please contact SLSA.