Beaches play an important part in the Australian way of life. Coastal activities are dependant on healthy coastal environments, and the capacity to ensure ecologically sustainable use and development of that environment is imperative for all Australians. 

The coastal zone embodies important social, cultural and indigenous values, including coastal landscapes, amenity and access. With Australians giving increased value to lifestyle choices in coastal zones, a cooperative approach to ecological sustainable use and development of those zones is important. 

Surf Life Saving Australia is committed to the ecologically sustainable use of the coastal environment. It will demonstrate this commitment through the promotion environmentally friendly practices, education and awareness raising of environmental issues in order to ensure the ecologically sustainable use of coastal resources.


  • An organisational understanding and commitment to the Ecosurf vision, mission and active implementation of identified strategies.

  • Positioning as a key coastal stakeholder and collaborator. A 'go-to' organisation regarding coastal environmental issues.

  • Our environmental/ecological impact is minimised and we are applying best practice in working and recreating within the coastal zone.

  • Our surf family and wider networks are used to communicate and promote Ecosurf amongst our membership and the community.

  • Coordination of our personnel, resources and strategies. Achieve community and club participation in Ecosurf.

  • Ecosurf activities promoted and shared with other states and clubs.

  • Use of evidence-based research to inform decisions and develop resources, programs and adaptive management practices.

  • Sustained commitment to good environmental practice is valued, recognised and rewarded.

  • Ecosurf is integral to the image of Surf Life Saving.

Click here for a media clip from ECO TV (2012)

For more information on the program, or to get your community group involved, contact us on 8354 6900 or by email