Vacswim FAQ's


At what age can my child participate?

Vacswim is available for primary school aged children. Children who turn 5 before the FIRST day of the program but are 4 during the enrolment period are the exception.

Children older than 13 (i.e. 14-17 at the time of the program) are allowed to participate, however the program is not subsidised resulting in a higher enrolment fee, but have an additional option to be assessed and gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Which stage should my child be going into?

If your child is currently completing swimming lessons and has not participated in a Vacswim program yet, please match up the child’s swimming level as best as possible to the Surf and Survive levels.

Try to pick the best fit for your child, pre-testing by the instructors should be conducted with the potential for a child to be moved based upon the child’s abilities. If you are struggling to choose between two stages, please pick the lower stage. It’s easier for a child to progress up and for the Instructor to provide extensions rather than the child being out of their depth in a class that is too difficult for them.

For level descriptions, click HERE

Can I transfer from the pool to the beach?

Crossing over from the Pool to the Beach and vice versa is a common occurrence. This does not mean that your child needs to start again, they are able to pick up where they left off previously.

For the easiest way to decide which stage your child should complete, head to this LINK and compare from your previous level completed.

I'm having technical difficulties, what should I do?

There tends to be glitches when booking off a Mobile Phone or Tablet. The website works best when working off a Laptop or Computer. So please try to access bookings through a Computer first. If you do not have access to one, we are able to send a Postal enrolment form but this can take longer than completing an online booking.

I booked my child into the wrong Location/Stage/Time, how can I fix this?

Wrong Location: This requires a phone call, then the incorrect booking is cancelled with a refund provided and the booking process is then completed again with the correct location.

Wrong Stage/Time: This requires either an email or phone call to change the child’s session. There is no guarantee that the preferred session will be available, but a conversation can be had for further arrangements.

Contact: (08) 8354 6996 or

I entered the wrong personal details (info/gender/contact details etc). How can this be fixed?

Any details entered incorrectly can be altered through the bookings page. You are able to log back in using your BookingID and surname/password, then proceed through to change the required details.

Is there a large family discount?

Families of 4 or more siblings enrolled (aged between 5-13 years of age) can be provided with a discount code. For this code, prior to booking, a copy of your medicare card must be provided. This can be either scanned and emailed, sent through fax or a posted photocopy. Once the proof is received and correct, the code will then be provided.

The children all need to be on the same medicare card and this does not apply to cousins.

How does stage 10 work?

Anyone can enrol in Stage 10. It is the highest stage for Vacswim (within reason-the recommended minimum age is 11). In the past, participants of Stage 10 were able to opt to be assessed for their Surf Rescue Certificate for an additional fee. In 2020, if a participant completes Stage 10 and wishes to also complete a Community Surf Rescue Certificate, they can enrol in a Community Surf Rescue Certificate course through Surf Life Saving SA separately to the Vacswim Program, for a discounted fee.

My child has a disability/medical condition that could affect their participation, what can we do?

All children are encouraged to participate. If a child has a medical condition or disability that may affect their participation, please place as much information when enrolling as possible. This will assist the instructor to ensure your child is comfortable during lessons to gain complete confidence and enjoyment out of the week. With prior notice, we are able to provide an Assistant Instructor for the class or a 1 on 1 if you feel your child would not suit a class situation (this is preferred for safety reasons).