Surf Sisters is an initiative designed to act as a mentorship program and social network which supports the success of our female members. Surf Life Saving SA has a strategic investment in developing the potential of our female members particularly in leadership roles.

Although we now have an almost 50/50 split between males and females in our in-coming membership, at senior and legacy levels we still see female investment in our movement drop away significantly. The Surf Sisterhood will turn that tide.

Our goal is 50% representation for men and 50% representation for women in leadership roles and long term participation figures across the organisation. We have equal participation, we now strive for equal representation.

The Surf Sisters program varies each year but Surf Sisters events seek to build and grow the leadership capacity, practical experience, confidence, network and capability of our female members as well as attracting new female participants to Surf Life Saving.

The best part is we do it whilst having fun with friends, keeping fit and serving our community.