Board Member Nominations

Our Constitution allows for two year appointments of Board Director Members on a rotating basis, plus the election of the State President for two (2) year tenure, therefore some positions must now be declared va- cant.

Nominations are invited from suitably qualified and experienced members for the Surf Life Saving South Aus- tralia positions of the Board.

The positions will be for a two (2) year term (May 2018 to May 2020)

Current Status

State President               

John Baker (Brighton SLSC) was elected in May 2017 for a two-year term which con- cludes in May 2019. No election required.


  • Craig Caldicott (Brighton SLSC)
  • Kirsty Coll (Semaphore SLSC)
  • Pat Hansen (Semaphore SLSC)
  • Heather Thompson (Grange SLSC)

Were elected in 2017 for a two (2) year term which concludes in May 2019. No election is required.

  • Ron Harwood (Christies Beach SLSC)
  • Simon Boag (West Beach SLSC)
  • Jim Plouffe (Henley SLSC)

Were elected in 2016 for a two (2) year term which concludes in 2018. Election is required.


To save lives and build healthier and safer communities


A unique and celebrated water safety organisation building vibrant and inclusive community hubs that inspire people through the delivery of excellence in emergency service, training, education and sport.


Surf Life Saving SA is the peak organisation for water safety and lifesaving services in South Australia and is affiliated with Surf Life Saving Australia.

Surf Life Saving SA is responsible for the governance, development, promotion and administration of surf lifesaving throughout South Australia and has the responsibility for servicing its 9,000 members and 21 clubs.

Surf Life Saving SA has four (4) major pillars to its current strategic plan – Saving Lives, Sustainable for our future, Committed to our Community and Effective State Movement (refer attached).

Board Composition

The Board will consist of eight (8) members, or no more than then (10) comprising;

a)       The State President;

b)      No more than three (3) Club Presidents (who may also be members of the State Council) appointed by resolution passed at a general meeting of the State Council to be held no later than 31 May of each year; and

c)       Other members of SLSA or any Club two (2) of whom may be co-opted from outside SLSSA) appointed by resolution passed at a general meeting of the State Council to be held no later than 31 May of each year;

d)      Up to tow (2) other appointed members of whom may be elected by the State President and/or Board with specific skill sets.

All members of the Board will be officers of SLSSA.

The current composition of the SLSSA Board of Directors is six (6) male members and two (2) female mem- bers. Currently 75% male and 25% female.

Through the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS) and the Women in Sport Taskforce all sporting associations in South Australia that receive funding through Office for Recreation and Sport have and will come under the composition of 40% male, 40% female and 20% discretionary.

The ORS is a primary funder for surf sports in South Australia and part of our funding obligations is to progress to a 40-40-20 board composition.

There is strong evidence which highlights that gender balance in key decision making roles increases the performance of boards. Accordingly, it is well understood improved governance and decision making is asso- ciated with gender balance in key decision making roles more broadly.

The ORS is committed to facilitating opportunities for organisations such as Surf Life Saving SA to continually develop and monitor their governance structures and practices.


Members of the Board if elected will be required to complete a skills matrix and may be required to partici- pate in the DISC profile program.


This circular calls for applications from members.

Applications must be in writing by submitting a covering letter and copy of your resume. Your application must include areas where you can address key criteria of our strategic plan and outline your skills and exper- tise and how these would contribute to the effective operations of the Board. Your application should also include the names and contacts of three (3) referees (2 members and 1 non-member).

All applications are to be emailed marked confidential, to the CEO of Surf Life Saving SA on or before 5.00pm Tuesday 3 April, 2018.