A Pathway to Success!

Youth Pathway Cup 2018 – Freshwater Beach

SLSSA is happy to announce its representative team for the 2018 cup at Freshwater.

This is the first ever running of the event which is designed to create a stepping stone for younger athletes with exposure to high level competition.


Jasmine Vogelsang            U/14      F                              Somerton

Teagan Richards                 U/14      F                              Semaphore

Jasper Cormack                 U/14      F                              Glenelg

Demi Bates                         U/14      F                              Grange

Ella Andrews                      U/14      F                              Semaphore


Ruby Liptak                         U/15      F                              Glenelg

Eloise Merchant                   U/15      F                              Glenelg

Lucy Derbyshire                  U/15      F                              Glenelg

Charlotte Dolan                  U/15      F                              Grange

Stella Benger                      U/15      F                              West Beach


-                                           U/14      M                            -

Adam D'aloia                      U/14      M                            Grange

Harvey Luscombe              U/14      M                            Glenelg

Will Larven                         U/14      M                            Glenelg

Lucas Pisconeri                  U/14      M                            Grange


Declan Bonham                   U/15      M                            South Port

Jed Ffrench                         U/15      M                            Glenelg

Sam Ralph                           U/15      M                            Grange

Will Spencer                       U/15      M                            Brighton

Talon Copley                       U/15      M                            South Port


We wish them the best of luck for their preparation and competition.