New Life Jacket Laws for SA Exemptions for Surf Life Saving

Surf Life Saving SA has confirmed that exemptions from the new South Australian Life Jacket Laws will apply for all of our on-water activities in both Sport and Lifesaving.

New life jacket laws came in to effect last week which will help keep the South Australian Public safe on the water. You can learn more about those changes here.

Given that Surf Lifesavers train to save lives and must be able to submerge themselves in rescue situations in order to dive for patient retrieval, Surf Life Saving SA CEO Clare Harris has negotiated with the State Government to allow exemptions for all activities that would have met the new criteria for life jacket use.

To clarify what this means for Surf Lifesavers; under the new laws, when participating in officially recognised Club or State Surf Lifesaving activities or duties (scheduled training sessions, patrols, competition events) SLSSA Members will be exempt from the new life jacket laws. Personal training sessions, recreational activities will not be covered under the exemptions.

The exemptions will apply to; Surf Boat Rowing, Surf Ski’s, and Boards. The exemptions will also apply to activities that take place more than 400m out from shore.

The regulations concerning Powercraft operation will remain as they are with the appropriate PFD’s to be worn at all times.

Surf Life Saving SA will provide written confirmation of each exemption to Clubs as they are finalised over the next 12 months. For now, continue all activities as you normally would.