Severe Weather Warning

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast significant weather across widespread parts of the state for Wednesday and Thursday. 

In addition to the potential for heavy rains, the forecast includes high winds about coastal areas and Gulf Waters, and wave heights that may reach in the vicinity of 8 metres or more.  Coastal inundation is possible.

It is timely to have mariners check moorings to ensure security, ensure that they are aware of the situation and carefully consider any boating activity.

Clubs please check your readiness for this storm, do you require any additional sandbagging? Do you have an IRB that can be made operational if required? Is your 4WD or ATV available.

SLSSA will be using the contacts in the resource directory, as supplied by clubs should we be required to activate a club during the severe weather event. Should club members be required please be aware that all should be over 18 and currently registered and proficient in the award for the role undertaken.

People should be directed to the BoM website at for the latest information.

We encourage you to spread the word through your networks.

If you require assistance in preparation please contact either Andrew Bedford or Ben Laurenson at SLSSA on 8354 6900.