Aussies Transport Subsidies

Below are some FAQs.

Q:       Will the subsidy cover the total cost of transporting gear and equipment to the Sunshine Coast?

A:       No.  The subsidy is intended to contribute towards a club’s costs, but it will not cover entire transport costs.

Q:       How will the subsidy allocation for my Club be determined?

A:       SLSA has developed a formula that determines a fair amount for each piece of equipment based on its weight and size. States will be asked to complete a simple spreadsheet that provides SLSA with the name of clubs wishing to apply for a subsidy and the amount of equipment they are transporting to the Aussies.

Q:       Do I have to do anything to secure the subsidy allocation for my Club?

A:        Yes. Each Club who wishes to access a subsidy allocation will need to contact their State with details prescribed.

Q:       Do I need to produce a tax invoice to receive my Clubs allocation?

A:       Yes.  Your State will distribute the amount once the allocations have been confirmed. Your Club is to provide a tax invoice (which shows the club’s ABN) for the amount (plus GST). Please provide bank details (BSB and Account Number) if EFT payment is possible.

Q:       When will my Club receive its allocation?

A:       Each Club will be advised of their subsidy allocation within a reasonable time after the Championships conclude from their State body (approximately one month post event). SLSA will provide each State a list of the clubs who will be receiving a subsidy and the amount and it will be up to each State to communicate this information to their clubs.

If your craft is being transported by the State you need not to apply.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact myself on or 8354 6900.