Senior Carnival Program

1.    Please find attached final carnival circular for senior carnival 1.  A few key points:

•    Note change of location(s) as per email last week.
•    Masters events will be conducted as per program.  Masters are not required to enter via EMS and can enter on the day as there is no charge.
•    U17 non-bronze holder: Each year we encounter a few issues with first year U17’s not having time to complete their bronze prior to the first events.  Following discussions with the Referee and the Surf Sport Standing Committee it was agreed that for the Surf Sport Series, first year U17’s will be able to enter and be given until December 31st to complete their bronze.  Exemptions for board and beach only (no ski) will therefore be considered but only under the following conditions:
•    Must be a proficient, financial member
•    Must have competed in the event previously (e.g. in mal races as an U15)
•    Must be training for their award
•    Must have sign off from coach that they are competent and capable of completing the event.
•    PLUS, as they are U18, must have sign off from a parent / guardian to be able to compete
Due to the success of this at Surf Sport Series this will be extended to Senior Carnival 1 and include swim under the conditions above. This exemption must be requested in writing to the Event Referee or Manager Surf Sport.
•    Surf Boats will be to the South of ramp at the Aldinga Bay club (Silver Sands ramp) – normal spot.
•    Start time have been set due to tides


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