2016/17 SLSSA High Performance Academy

As most are now aware, SLSSA have recognised that to provide athletes with the best possible opportunity to perform well and be recognised at a National level, they need support and guidance.

Last year SLSSA therefore partnered with Flinders University (FU), Flinders One Fitness and South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) to design and develop a program aimed at assisting surf sports athletes to be the best they can. This resulted in the Surf Sport High Performance Academy (Academy) being trialled.

The Academy has been designed to achieve several primary objectives, including:
 Recognise the past performances of athletes and provide them with ongoing assistance and support
 Encourage and motivate existing and aspiring HP athletes to aim for constant improvement
 To enhance the performances of SLSSA athletes at National competitions
 Increase the number of SA athletes winning medals at Australian Surf Life Saving Championships
 Increase the profile of Surf Sports athletes for personal, club and state benefit
 To complement the coaching athletes receive at club level
 To provide specialist training, education or services that may not be delivered at club level
 To provide athletes with access to current sporting education, technology and facilities

The Academy will provide support to enhance not only the athlete’s daily training environment but also include components such as:
 Information and education on sports psychology, nutrition and hydration
 All aspects of training and competition recovery
 Access to support services to ensure athletes maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle
 Planning training, post training, post racing, warm-ups etc.
 Testing and measuring performance

Acceptance has been based on the above criteria as well as those outlined in the EOI Circular (C16029) and includes items such as past performance results, commitment to training and assessment through personal interview to understand individual needs and future goals.
This has resulted in both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 of athletes with the inclusion of 2 Athletes Mentors and 5 Associate Members. This year an U14/U15 Development Squad will be added to the Academy as well as programs for coaches . The Development Squad information will be distributed soon.

The Selection Panel has also made a commitment to re-assess applications prior to Christmas this season. A list of athletes can be seen in the following table.

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