Surf Life Saving South Australia (SLSSA) have collaborated with SAALC & Flinders University, specifically SHAPE Research Centre and One Fitness to improve Surf Life Saving elite athlete performance.

The program has been designed to achieve several primary objectives including:

  • Recognise the past performances of HP athletes and provide them with ongoing assistance and support.
  • Encourage and motivate existing and aspiring HP athletes to aim for constant improvement.
  • To enhance the performances of SLSSA athletes at National competitions.
  • Increase the number of SA athletes winning medals at Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.
  • Increase the profile of Surf Sports athletes for personal, club and state benefit.
  • To complement the coaching athletes receive at club level.
  • To provide specialist training, education or services that may not be delivered at club level.
  • To provide athletes with access to current sporting education, technology and facilities.

The program provides support to enhance not only the athlete’s daily training environment but also include components such as:

  • Information and education on sports psychology, nutrition and hydration.
  • All aspects of training and competition recovery.
  • Access to support services to ensure athletes maintain a healthy, balanced life style.
  • Planning training, post training, post racing, warm ups etc.
  • Video analysis.
  • Testing and measuring performance.
  • Training Camp in SA or Interstate Events